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10m USD Hard cap

Innovative online sports prediction platform.
Based on blockchain technology and Ethereum smart contracts.

We are especially emphasizing that the Ethersport team has decided to give the chance to buy ESC tokens to all interested individuals, considering a large number of requests.

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Prize-winning test lottery period

EtherSport has announced a two-month prize-winning test period in the MVP. All participants who make their forecasts during this period (it's free!) will enter a rating system. After each of two months, those who have correctly predetermined the outcome of most amount of lines, will be eligible for a prize from a 10,000 ESC prize fund!

Prize-winning test details

Innovative online sports prediction platform.
Based on blockchain technology and Ethereum smart contracts.

About EtherSport

EtherSport is a platform where people all over the world can place bets on sports events. The lottery mechanism is done through Ethereum contracts which guarantees fair and transparent results, avoiding any risks and corruption. EtherSport has a number of advantages such as security, simple user registration process, anonymity, the open and clear process of all currency transactions, prompt prize payout without any hidden fees.

About EtherSport Token

Ethersportcoin (ESC) is an ERC20 token built on the Ethereum platform.
ESC tokens can be used as platform currency for buying lottery tickets; as an investment to get dividends - 15% of the raised money from each lottery; as a speculative commodity to trade on an exchange. Now is a great chance to get tokens during the ICO.
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The benefits of EtherSport

EtherSport provides a completely new betting experience for players all over the globe.

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Simple start

Easy registration that requires a minimum of personal information.

No third party system will hold the user data.

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Unlimited winnings

No limitations on bet and reward amounts.

Fast and cheap withdrawals in cryptocurrency.

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100% fair and transparent

No hidden fees and manipulations.

Transparent results and payout system.

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24/7 non-stop games

Every 4 hours a new lottery ticket comes out.

It contains the most popular sport events from all around the world.

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Easy to play

Just get a lottery ticket with a line of sport events and predict results.

Win a prize or even a jackpot!

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Earn money

Get a prize or win a jackpot if you are a player.

Gain a permanent profit from each lottery if you are investor in our ICO.

How does the lottery work?

The first game mode we are going to develop is the Lottery 11. It's a line of 11 unrelated events in football, baseball, tennis or any other sport. The user needs to choose one of the three options (victory of either team or draw) for each match.

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Lotters publish lottery tickets

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Players buy tickets and fill them

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Signing of the smart contract

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Publishing of results

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Winners get money

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Become the lotter and provide your own lotteries! Lotter gets 15% from the sum of all funds that were collected from the sold tickets for his lottery.

Profit Distribution

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November, 2017

Preparing to run on the Ethereum test network

Early Q1 2018

Launch "Lottery 11" on the test network

A beta version where players can manage their wallet and participate in Lottery 11, provided by the first lotters, get feedback from users and fix bugs.

Q1 2018

Launch "Lottery 11" on the main network

Using ESC tokens, players will be able to buy tickets, lotters will provide lists of events.

Q2 2018

Launch peer2peer betting on the test network

Launching a beta version of betting function against each other, where players can choose their own events, and set their coefficients.

Team EtherSport

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Timofei Bezruk


More than 20+ years of experience in the sphere of gambling (bookmaking, lottery) and business in general. He took part in drafting bills in the sphere of gambling. For a long time Tim worked in the market of debt obligations and securities.

team photo

Leon Astrakhanskyi

Co-founder and Investor

The entrepreneur, with extensive experience in various business areas, including online lottery and blockchain projects. The founder of the auction house. Has the experience of organizing and conducting numerous live and online auctions in different directions.

We are professionals with extensive experience in various fields:

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software development

game image romb image

gaming industry

rupor image romb image

marketing and management


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Hansko Leek

Business Advisor

Early Bitcoin adopter and investor, successful stockbroker, entrepreneur and Business owner. Has had great success trading and speculating on many markets. Co-owner / founder at Autodealers (a successful Automotive IT company) among others. A co-founder of Dcorp, and a valued advisor of several successful Fintech projects and ICOS. Hansco is a strong supporter of Ethersport and his vast expertise of business and management brings value to our team.

adviser photo

Frank Bonnet

Technical Advisor

Founder and Developer of Dcorp.it, having advised several other successful ICOS, Frank Bonnet comes with nine years of experience designing, as well as building countless enterprise .NET applications. Co-founder, developer and owner of "DS Verzekeringen", an insurance company in the Netherlands and many other web-based projects. Ether enthusiast, and investor in both mining and trading. Experience with developing contracts in Solidity using Truffle and Mocha. Has a business view and a developer's mind.

adviser photo

Mike Balagna

Marketing Advisor

Insightful and multi-talented, Mike has been phenomenal in giving shape to many innovative marketing ideas. Shows great expertise in communications strategy and planning, media relations, collateral developments and other allied functions. A PR professional who has served as Marketing and Communications Manager for Dcorp.it, he brings value to EtherSport from multiple angles. He’s advised and managed the success of several projects in the Blockchain space, including Nexus Social, Gladius.io, and Network Units.

adviser photo

Melcom Copeland

Gaming Advisor

14-years of extensive C-Level Business Development and Sales of B2B and B2C iGaming solutions and services including betting exchange, sportsbook, football pools, virtual racing, casino games, and casino payment solutions covering web, mobile, and retail channels. Expert in conceptualization, development and commercialisation of Electronic Point-of-Sales systems, including Bet Capture systems and self-service payment redemption terminals.

adviser photo

Max Krupyshev


Max has a Bachelor’s degree in Physics and Master’s in Business Administration. He heard about Bitcoin for the first time in late 2013 right after completing his Master’s degree in Management. Max was immediately inspired by the innovative and disruptive technology behind Bitcoin and quickly made a name for himself in his local Bitcoin community. Max has also worked for one of the biggest Bitcoin Cloud mining platforms prior to becoming Product manager and later Chief Operating Officer at Cubits.

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