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What are ESC tokens and what are they used for?

ESC, or Ethersportcoin, are tokens used for funding our project, EtherSport. After the launch, they will work as a payment medium, and will give ESC holders a possibility to play on EtherSport platform. Also, holders of ESC tokens will receive bonuses from operation of EtherSport.

When will the token offering take place?

The pre-sale will start from November, 13th to November, 19th.
The ICO will start on November, 21st at 12:00 UTC, and after a few stages, will end December, 25th at 13:00 UTC, or when all tokens are sold.

What is the allocation of ESC tokens?

10% of tokens will be sold during the pre-sale, 60% at the ICO, both Founders and Angel Investors will receive 5% of tokens, 1% is allocated for Advisors, 5% for the Bounty campaign, 13% for the game processing needs, and 1% is for the first jackpots.

How to participate in the Pre-Sale/ICO?

To take part in the token offering, you should simply send ETH to the token offering address. Your tokens will be sent to your sending address automatically.

Can I send my contribution from an exchange such as Coinbase or Poloniex?

No, you cant send contributions from any place except your wallet, as you will not receive the tokens correctly, and, most probably, will lose them and your funds forever.

Why should I get ESC tokens?

Your ESC tokens will not only become a commodity, tradeadble on an exchange, but will bring you a bonus, generated during operation of EtherSport. Also, they also can be used as a payment medium at EtherSport.

What happens if ETH hard cap is reached before the token sale end date?

If the hard cap is reached before the end of token sale, ICO will automatically stop, and we will end receiving contribution payments.

Why can't I see my tokens in my Ethereum wallet balance?

If you can't see your tokens, please follow your token wallet's manual to add them yourself. You will be asked for some or all of the following information:
Token symbol: ESC;
Decimals amount: 18.

Where can I find the ETH smart contract?

The smart contract code can be viewed on github.

Can I get ESC tokens for free?

You can get ESC tokens for free by taking part in our Bounty program (details here!).

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