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ICO is Over!

The EtherSport ICO has raised:


Smart Contract Address: 0x856912680349a406f72e26aa994100b8ad409f87

EtherSport platform is now in development and will be launched in any case. We will share the development roadmap in the nearest time, so that the EtherSport community is able to follow the things being made.

Meanwhile, the platform essentials are already accessible for testing to anyone in form of MVP.

Try our MVP

ESC tokens will start trading on exchanges in several months, after the launch of EtherSport platform Beta version. We freeze the tokens to save the value of investments and to restrain the possible exchange rate falls while the product is unfinished.

Offering terms

ICO pre-sale:

Start date: 13 Nov 2017 End date: 20 Nov 2017

ICO timing:

Start date: 22 Nov 2017 End date: 24 Dec 2017
Offering size and pricing
ICO periods Duration Start date End date Amount of tokens
for sale
Price per token
in ETH
Amount of tokens
per 1 ETH
Pre-sale 1w 13.11.2017 20.11.2017 10,000,000 0.0005 2,000.00
I part 1h 22.11.2017
20:00 UTC
21:00 UTC
10,000,000 0.001 1,000.00
II part 1d 22.11.2017
21:00 UTC
21:00 UTC
15,000,000 0.0013 769.23
III part 1w 23.11.2017
21:00 UTC
21:00 UTC
15,000,000 0.0017 588.24
IV part 3w 30.11.2017
21:00 UTC
19:00 UTC
20,000,000 0.002 500.00
Total amount of
Initial Token Sale
Token and Funds allocation structure
Token allocation
Funds allocation

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