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EtherSport token sale conditions

Round 2

After a detailed and public annex to the white paper, the Ethersport team has decided to continue the ESC token sale. We are confident that additional investment will assist in the project’s promotion in the world sports community, its advertising and attracting the maximum participants. We are especially emphasizing that the Ethersport team has decided to give the chance to buy ESC tokens to all interested individuals, considering a large number of requests. The smart contracts is already prepared for that, and the price and other conditions will be published additionally.

Recommended transaction settings:

Gas limit: 300 000

Gas price: 2Gwei


Smart Contract on etherscan.io

Special offer Calculator

Offering terms

Token Sale Start: March 26th, 2018
Token Sale End: June 25th, 2018
Total Supply for the 2nd round of Token Sale: 55,000,000 ESC
Bounty Campaign Supply: 1,000,000 ESC
ESC Token Price: 1 USD = 1 ESC.
The exchange rate at the moment of purchase is calculated using the calculator on the website and displayed in ETH.
Minimum purchase: 20 USD (in ETH equivalent);
15% bonus to the first 200 participants of the Token Sale;
30% bonus to the purchasers with over 7 ETH amount.

All unsold tokens in the 2nd round of the Token Sale will be frozen for one year.
For participants with over 20 ETH amount, please get acquainted with the ‘Special Offering’ tab on the website.

Affiliate Program Conditions

To participate in the affiliate program, a user needs to have ESC tokens in their wallet.
The recommended wallet for participating in the affiliate program is MyEtherWallet.
Each participant who has invited an additional person will receive 5% from the purchased amount to there wallet in ESC tokens.
In addition to the standard purchase possibility using token sale contract, we offer a chance to win a certain amount of tokens in the prize-winning testing. Together with the tokens, the winner will also receive a prize in ETH.

Special offer

Dear participants of the EtherSport’s Token Sale, please be informed about a special offer. We are glad to announce personal conditions to the partners who have decided to purchase ESC tokens for the amount higher than 20 ETH.

To get special offer, please contact with CEO of EtherSport Alex Tsymbal:

- Skype: ssimbaa77

- Telegram: @AlexLucky13

- E-mail: [email protected]


Cryptocurrency Converter Calculator

On our calculator, you can calculate an exact number of tokens at the moment of purchase at a weighed-average exchange price.

1 ESC = 1 USD

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